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got you all wrong

#GotMeAllWrong Confessions

2022 I returned from living in another country and began to rebuild my life again, a colleague friend invited me to her birthday party where all my university classmates would be, there was a cool guy I had a crush on him for years, he looked so emo <3 he sent me He messaged me on instagram to ask me out but I wasn't sure I would go out with him, so I told him I'd see him at the party, so I wouldn't be alone with him, since that party we didn't lose touch, we made a very special connection and we started to go out, I remember that we spent many hours watching anime, game of thrones, we went to the desert and I was with him in all the jams of his band, we spent our birthdays together that were only two weeks apart, we are leo. I met his family. In his room there was a Mayday Parade poster, and that's how I met this band. I thought we would really be together. One day I made a very nice dinner for both of us and bought wine to have "the talk", he told me that he couldn't keep seeing me and that I deserved to be with someone better, that I shouldn't talk to him anymore because it hurt him more. It was the cold bucket of my life, I didn't know the person he was talking to. and this song and more like a crash remind me of that person. FUCK YOU ALEX… He started dating another girl, and then another, and then another, and then another. He got me all wrong


People think I’m a very negative person because of how I speak of things. It’s not that I’m negative, I just view the world differently from them..You can’t have your cake and eat it too.


When i first shared my bpd and bipolar diagnosis with my best friend at the time, and she proceeded to tell everyone that they had to be careful with what they said around me because i could slip into mania at any given moment. Friends stopped calling, texting, asking to hang out. All because supposedly they didn’t want to trigger me.


I spent almost half a decade with a girl who I assumed was the love of my life but she left me because of my anxiety and inability to help her when I needed to


My ex boyfriend said I never cared about him because I started dating someone else after we broke up. The truth is, I couldn’t deal with being without him so much that I needed to fill that void with someone else. I told him all of this and he never believed me. We haven’t spoke in 6 months. I still think about him every second of every day.


I was diagnosed with autism when I was 23. My entire live I was misunderstood, not just by everyone around me – but by myself. I am finally starting to push past those who got me wrong, and understand who I am 🙂


When I was with my Ex girlfriend and she thought I was just out to be a complete douche.

She turned out to just be insane so I’m glad I got out of that relationship. Then I met my girlfriend that I fell in love with for the first time and it was everything I could’ve wanted it to be. Then we parted ways because of something stupid and I haven’t been ok since.

I found your music not too long after and it really helped me through my hard time. It even inspired me and my band to bring emo into our sound and lyrics, so thank you guys. Derek, Jake, Brooks, Alex, Cabbage, Thank you for being there for me through some lonely times. I will forever be a mayday parade fan. Emo forever!

Hunter Glass

My family always thought I am the excellent one. They always put the high hopes in me. They always set their expectations high on me. They got it all wrong. I’m not that excellent, I can’t keep up with their hopes and already tired trying to meet their expectations so that they will not be disappointed 😔

You fan from Philippines

I’m deaf. People always assume I’m stupid or incompetent. I’m not. Far from it actually.


People think I’m rude and I like ignoring them but I just get incredibly overwhelmed and can’t handle interaction.


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